Duct Cleaning Services Medford & Surrounding Cities

It’s A Dirty Job

Duct cleaning can be a pretty involved job, for someone who doesn’t know what they’re doing, but professionals tend to have the entire process down pat and are able to get things done with little headache to the homeowner. The first step is that the technicians will seal off every single vent in the home, once this is complete they’ll hook the furnace up to their truck mounted vacuum systems. Next they’ll run a high pressure air snake, which is specially designed for this type of job, through each duct. The snakes are fitted with special attachments, whip like things that are meant to move around knocking debris looks so it can be picked up by the vacuum system. Doing this is really the only proven, effective method for cleaning every single inch of the duct work in your home. Once the techs complete the service you’ll feel a change in the home, you’ll breathe easier and feel all around better than when the contaminants were in the system. Your entire house will start to smell more fresh because the fungus, mold, dust, dander, and all scents that are associated with them will have been eliminated. Your home will smell clean again, and with great reason, as it will truly be clean.

The Benefits of Duct Cleaning Services

There are many benefits that come with getting your furnace and duct system cleaned, with the most obvious being the benefit of a home that doesn’t smell damp any longer. Breathing easier is a great thing and the best way to get that done is to remove any contamination that may be residing in your HVAC system. If you have someone in the home who suffers from asthma or severe allergies they’ll feel instant relief once the ducts have been cleaned, making like easier for them on a daily basis. Another huge benefit is that you’ll have to clean the house less often as clean ducts translates to less dust in the air. Who wouldn’t love not having to dust a home any more? Another benefit, possibly the greatest outside of the cleaner air quality is that your HVAC system will run more efficiently, did you know that just one sixteenth of an inch of dust on the burners translates to a nearly thirty five percent drop in the efficiency of your HVAC unit? That is a huge deal, especially in a world where energy conservation is becoming more of a priority. Also, let’s be honest, saving money on those light bills is never going to be seen as a bad thing.

Duct Cleaning Service Areas

If you’re living in Jackson County, Oregon or Medford Oregon, Applegate, Ashland, Butte Falls, Central Point, Eagle Point, Gold Hill, Jacksonville, Phoenix, Prospect, Rogue River, Shady Cove, Talent, Trail and White City there is no better choice for cleaning your ducts and HVAC system than the professionals at LONG’S HEATING & AIR, INC. Duct Cleaning. You couldn’t ask for a better company to work with, a company that makes sure its technicians are kept up to date on the best practices of duct cleaning. You could shop around for other prices, but at the end of the day you always want to go with the best in a situation like this,┬áthat is┬áLONG’S HEATING & AIR, INC.. What could be better than being able to breathe in at home and know you’re breathing in the freshest air possible? It’s a great feeling to know that the air in your home is of much greater quality than anything you’re going to breathe outside your home. LONG’S HEATING & AIR, INC. is here to help, call them to set up an appointment for an inspection, they’ll treat you right.