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Long’s Heating & Air Inc. Services

longs-heating-truck-at-airportLong’s Heating and Air Conditioning, Inc. is proud to be a Southern Oregon Daikin dealer. Selecting a dealer is an important step in purchasing a new heating or air conditioning system. Whether you’ve completely researched a new system already or would like expert advice, we offer the best in reliability, education and experience to walk you through purchase, installation and extended service.


A Qualified Dealer

Long’s Heating and Air Conditioning Inc. is affiliated with Daikin Heating and Cooling products, a nationally recognized HVAC manufacturer. We have a comprehensive understanding of the Daikin products available to you and are trained in customer service, installation and product services. This makes us your best choice to help you find a heating and air conditioning system that meets your exact needs.


Dealer Credibility

It only takes a moment to make a phone call and ask if someone was satisfied with a contractor’s work, and the effort can lead to additional peace of mind. See some of the unsolicited testimonials we have received from our satisfied customers for our installation, air conditioner repair, home heating repair and hvac services.


Client Relationships

Long’s Heating and Air Conditioning, Inc. will take a personal interest in your best interest. We will come to your home or business, evaluate your individual heating and air needs, and only then will we make a recommendation as to the best system for your situation.


Dealer Warranties

We will explain, in detail, the product warranties so you can be sure you are eligible. Different manufacturers offer different warranties, and we can help you understand all your options.


Experience Is the Key

We welcome any question you might have about our products, services and reputation. Experience is important. When you work with us to purchase, install and/or service your heating and cooling systems, we manage the whole process to maximize convenience and minimize frustration for you. Contact us today.


Strong Communication

Once a product has been selected, we will provide you with a written proposal to help you to compare bids and make sure the communication of your needs has been perfectly understood. The written proposal is your opportunity to evaluate prices and specifics.


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